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labor de amor - collage

Labour of Love

Description & Details

Who is this Programme for?

Labor of Love is an art therapy group for people who are in various stages of grief. In this group, you will be invited to use creative processes to bring out unexplored feelings and personal stories to help you process your loss. The artwork can act as a strong and safe way to explore emotions and aid in the healing process.

The program begins with the creation of collages to answer the question "What am I feeling?". Each person will be able to cut out images, words and different textures and shapes to create collages that express their emotions and thoughts. The group meets at the end of creation time to discuss and explore their creations and those of the group. 


After the fourth or fifth week, when the group knows each other better and is more confident, we will move to working with clay. Here the group will have the option to create a clay vessel or frame as a memento of their loved one. They will be able to use inspiration from collages or other sources of inspiration to create unique pieces to take home. 


In sessions 10 and 11, we glaze the pieces and in the last session we will bring the group to a close by making a farewell ritual - the format of which will be decided by the group. This will act as a way to create closure and bear witness to each member's grief journey. 

This programme has been designed by and will be led by an Art Therapist registrad with Ate (Asociación Profesional Española de Arteterapeutas), BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) and EFAT (European Federation of Art Therapy) with more than 8 años of experience. If you want to read more about her experience click here.



12 session programme (2 hours/week)



12 week art therapy programme = 360€/term, but if you pay all at once, there is a 10% discount =  325€/term


Monthly payments

120€/per 4 sessions


The price includes materials, tools and equipment. Participants are encouraged to being personal objects and materials in addition.  


*It is necessary to bring appropriate clothing to work in the workshop - an apron or something similar.


We know cost can sometimes be a challenge for our participants, so we have a limited amount of concession spaces with sliding scale rates where we can agree on a price affordable to you. To be eligible for this, you will need to provide evidence of government assistance and complete a referral form


T: 644 077 593

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