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We are an open-access studio, which you can rent by the month. It is a perfect opportunity if you already have experience working with clay but want more time than the usual two hours in other workshops in the city, or if you are looking to develop personal projects you have in mind. 


Join our family and enjoy shared use of the studio.

el estudio

What we offer

- Shared workspace.

- Use of shared table or shared Shimpo pottery wheels.

- Use of slab roller.

- Personal shelf space (approx. 90cm x 40cm x 30cm).

- On-site technical assistance.

- Reasonable use of communal kilns (1000º and 1220º) and workshop engobes and glazes (see MembershipTerms and Conditions for details).

- Possibility to participate in annual pop-up sales at the studio or exhibitions in our gallery.

- Delivery of clay to the workshop or sale of various types of clay bodies at a wholesale price.

- Mini kitchen (tea and coffee)


You can combine your Konect Arts membership with our intensive courses and continue to learn new tricks and techniques.

Membership Fees


We offer a Coworking 8 membership – paid on a monthly basis. 


Coworking 8 (maximum 8 hours per week)


2 months - 180€/month

3 months - 170€/month

6 months+ - 160€/month


The minimum duration of membership is two months - the time necessary for you to finish a project as the ceramic process has different stages that have to be respected and completed over several weeks. 

miembros del estudio

T: 644 077 593

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