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Creative Health

Creative Health operates from the principle that the arts are integral to health and that everybody, regardless of their health status, should have access to the arts. Evidence, gathered by the World Health Organisation (WHO) highlights that the arts can improve the health and wellbeing of citizens, both preventively, and by addressing the specific needs of certain conditions or ailments. 

Improving quality of life and cultural access is at the heart of this work.​

We offer tailor-made programmes which connect arts and health. We explore the therapeutic benefits of a range of craft materials and media, as well as craft’s potential to build community, support individuals in caring for themselves and each other, and to play a valuable role in raising awareness of the successful outcomes achieved through Creative Health interventions. 

Read on to find out more. 

Art Club for Mums with Newborns

Are you a mum with a newborn who would like to connect with other mums and try arts in a supportive group led by an experienced artist and art therapist? 


Our Art Club for Mums with newborns is designed to enhance wellbeing by lessening worries, lifting mood and feelings of relaxation, and by creating positive connections with other new mums. 


No experience in art is necessary - our programmes are designed to help you feel better! 

aguja e hilo
estudio de arte

Art for Mental Health

Do you struggle with anxiety, stress and/or depression? Are you tired of always having to talk about your feelings and want to have a calm space where you can be creative and reconnect with yourself?

Art for Mental Health can help you deal with a wide range of mental ill-health conditions and psychological distress at your own pace and without having to use words.

Labour of Love

Are you struggling to cope with your grief? Do you sometimes find it hard to express how you feeling or know what to say?

Grief is a personal experience and can be intimately unique to everyone. In this art therapy group, we will use art-making, discussion, reflections, and relationship building, to support you to express deep-rooted feelings or stories that might be challenging to express otherwise.

You are not alone. We are here to help you. 

labor de amor - scrapbooking
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